Central Services/School Staff Level Goals 2017-2018

Strategic Objective Focus Areas

Highly Effective Employees

Ensure staff possess the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the needs of students.

Strategic Objective Focus Areas

Workforce Diversity

Ensure our workforce represents students and community we serve.

  • Attracting and recruiting employees
  • Developing pathways to teaching for current employees ($422,135)
  • Partnering with minority action groups and employee associates to recruit and promote a diverse staff
Strategic Objective Focus Areas

Parent Engagement

Work with parents and guardians to improve the learning, development and health of our students.

Strategic Objective Focus Areas

Community Engagement

Sustain and expand existing partnerships that meet the in-school and out-of-school needs of students and families.

Strategic Objective Focus Areas

Operational Excellence

Provide high quality business systems, operations, and support services throughout the district that are essential to student success

  • Allocating resources to schools
  • Providing 21st century learning environments
  • Upgrade business systems ($1,432,898)
  • Annual review and evaluation of proposed programs and initiatives